Two Years as Aleera’s Puppy

My Journey with Mistress Aleera the Wolf Queen

It must be almost two years since I, as a nervous newbie plucked up the courage to make an appointment to have a session with Mistress Aleera. I arrived at her lair and was immediately captivated by the gorgeous slim young lady who opened the door. As her beautiful blue eyes assessed me clinically and coolly she seemed to be able to see into the very depths of my soul. Her voice was soft and exquisite but had a feminine authority that left me in no doubt she was completely in charge!

After following her instructions to strip I knelt naked before her to receive my collar and leash from her elegant hands. At that moment all power was taken from me and I was under her spell. I knew I had to devote all my energies to listening to her instructions and doing exactly what she told me. I discovered how much I loved to be at her feet and even in these early days knew it was where I belonged… but how wonderful it felt! As my excitement increased I experienced for the first time the sweet sting of her cane firmly applied that I struggled to take. I could almost taste the chemicals coursing through my body that was making my caning so thrilling!

As time as gone by I have visited my Queen Aleera for sessions and have attended parties where she has been present. They are such fun!I am now also a proud member of her pack. Mistress Aleera will speak affectionally to her “pups”, as she calls them, about BDSM being a journey and a developing relationship between a sub and a dom. She takes her role as a highly skilled dominaitrix very seriously. Because she has a deep understanding of the needs and desires of those who session with her she is able to guide them and suggest things, appropriately. I have found this to be absolutely the case. She has put me in my place quite rightly!when I have got things wrong and perhaps got too long winded or emotional? but has also helped me extend my pain boundaries and develop a better understanding of BDSM. I learn to serve and to respect her in the way she desires more and more as time goes on. She is currently training me to take her whip which I enjoy greatly because I feel it demonstrates my devotion and service to her.

In those early days I remember Mistress Aleera telling me that the collar placed around my neck was a sign of her ownership. The desire to be her sub, slave,“puppy” is truly very deep, but the Wolf Queen Aleera in leading me in this role has enabled me to experience at first hand the beautiful powerful chemistry of BDSM, and the special relationship unlike any other, which develops between a dominatrix and her submissive.

It has been life changing experience…

I count myself as very fortunate to have the honour of serving and being led by the wonderful Mistress Aleera.


Puppy taken to one of Ms Aleera’s exclusive parties.

One of the first things you learn as a submissive to Mistress Aleera, Queen of Wolves is that she will continually wish to develop and train you as one of her “puppies”. But you have to show your willingness to be led and learn from this beautiful lady who has such great experience and expertise. The BDSM journey she will take you on will certainly challenge you and take you to your very limits, and even at times a little beyond them! However giving yourself totally to her, trusting, her relinquishing all your power and control, and learning to take the pain, bondage and humiliation she inflicts will address those deepest BDSM yearnings.

You will go from your session with her feeling elated, filled with devotion to her and with those deep needs which you perhaps barely understand yourself, profoundly and gloriously satisfied!

When Aleera asked me if I would be interested in coming to one of her exclusive parties as part of my journey I was thrilled  but naturally nervous at first, but when she looked at me with those irresistible blue eyes  and smiled, I knew I had to say yes. She explained what would happen.  Puppies would accompany her to the venue and when summoned present themselves naked and collared in front of her. We were to be aware what a great privilege it was to represent her and so at all times she expected us to show the highest standards of respect and submissiveness. Evidence of the way she had trained us and her high standards.

I arrived outside the dungeon with butterflies in my stomach and waited patiently for the text. “Pling.” it arrived!“ Come down now”  I made my way in….. Gosh! Aleera looked so drop dead gorgeous in a leather corset that I tripped on the stairs. She frowned and pointed to a shelf, I stripped, my lead was fetched I was collared and taken on all fours on a walk around the dungeon as a charming group of her friends viewed me with interest from their white leather chairs in the bar area “This is one of my puppies” said Mistress Aleera in that soft authoritative voice that I have learned to love so much.

One lady patted my head saying “good puppy.” Aleera then gave her my leash and invited her to walk me round. It was strangely thrilling to be no longer myself but merely Mistress Aleera’s puppy owned and controlled completely by her and looked on as such by her friends. Objectified I was told where to sit on the floor, when I could speak, and when I was to fetch drinks. I felt much more so than ever before the delicious sense of being owned by Aleera,- her property-her pet…. Oooh I liked that so so very much!! My identity completely taken away and replaced by being simply “her puppy”and treated and known as such. Objectified.

Her friends where into Bdsm so there was never any embarrassment and they could not have been more understanding.

“Now Puppy on your spanking bench,”Aleera’s tone was sharper as she pointed to the leather cuffs on its side. When some of her friends had strapped me in securely Aleera informed the group she would now demonstrate to an aspiring dom and other kinksters some basic skills. My heart beat faster…. I must not let Mistress down I thought. A young woman assisted Aleera warm me up with a leather flogger. Then Aleera opened her case so I could what she had brought. I recognised her long bamboo cane, the dragon cane with its sharp dragon tongue end  and those bull whips. “Recognise these?” whispered Aleera close to my ear. “Be Brave pup” and then the sweetest of all smiles.

The pain was, as always, skilfully inflicted. Varied strokes Soft at first quick… then slow.. then hard… then a pause… then very hard causing me to squirm and cry out. Aleera has a very high level of expertise and has an uncanny instinct of being able to assess exactly what a sub can take and what is safe. As she moved around her aroused pup with the grace of an exotic ballet dancer I gasped in wonder upon the gorgeous slim perfect figure before me and began to enter “sub space.”

Aleera then decided she would use me to initiate a young lady in proper basic gentle caning technique under her expert supervision. A nice interlude before those awesome bull whips!

I shuddered as I saw her unfurl the black leather whip and heard its loud crack. A ripple of anticipation went through the gathering as I began breathing heavily. Then I saw in the mirror the end of her whip cracking as it made contact with my rear and winced as it stung. It was as if a raw flame was playing upon my naked exposed bottom. I screamed in joy and pain. To those who understand these things… it is agony yet ecstasy ….a potent cocktail of pure passion love and pain. But I wouldn’t have been able to feel this unless I had developed a very strong devotion to Aleera in her sessions as my mistress and Queen. The “chemistry” was fantastic that evening. Moreover Aleera understands it very well and knows just how to create it and develop it in her puppies. She delights in being able to transport her pups into such pleasurable places.

In time my limits were reached and was pleased my boundaries had been extended just a little. Exhausted and happy I was released from the bench and encouraged by her friends who told me I had done well and what a sweet puppy I was! What mattered most of all was a pat on the head from Mistress herself with the words “Good Boy” I felt like a million dollars!

Mistress Aleera then wanted to use me to illustrate her shibari skills. I was tied and remained in a cage.

Aleera kept on checking to make sure I was ok. and after a short time brought me  into the bar area.I was pleased to be able to join her friends for a drink and allowed, but only when Aleera permitted it!to join in the conversation about BDSM issues. It was a great way to bring a wonderful evening to a close.

I don’t know what Mistress Aleera has in store for me next but I have complete confidence that it will be just right for me at the stage I am at and also very exciting.

But what a party! It exceeded all my expectations. BDSM at it best with one of the top dominatrix in London ALEERA QUEEN OF WOLVES.

I am pleased to write this testimonial of a fabulous evening but want to say, in conclusion, that I continually regard it as a tremendous privilege to serve and learn from the awesome Ms Aleera who is now an important part of my life.


Tied and Denied

“Having been punished by Mistress Aleera at the Facility, I wanted to try a one-to-one session with her. Arranging it was straightforward and her dungeon was easy to find, not far from the Tube.

When I arrived, Mistress made me feel welcome and relaxed. Although her dungeon is quite an intimidating place, I felt safe throughout the session and I knew that if I didn’t like something, I could ask for it to be stopped.

Mistress Aleera is stunningly beautiful and it is a delight to spend some time as her slave. After I had undressed, I was strapped to a whipping bench in front of a mirror and Mistress began by spanking me, gradually building up the intensity of the blows. She then moved on to two different floggers and a crop, each new implement being a little more intense that the last. I thought that I had reached my limit with the crop but wanted to please Mistress by taking a little more and she obliged with a number of blows with a cane. Although each blow hurt, it was somehow exhilarating as I felt I was pleasing Mistress by taking the pain.

Once the blows had subsided, I was released from the whipping bench and blindfolded. I was then maneuvered to sit on a strange chair, to which Mistress then tied me using a series of intricate ropes. I was bound with my hands behind me and my legs and chest secured to the chair. A thin rope was then tied around my cock and balls. Thereafter I was subjected to a lengthy period of tie and tease with Mistress alternating between nipple play (one moment sensual, the next painful) and cock and ball torture using a vibrating wand. Time and again I felt I was about to orgasm but Mistress then drew me away from the edge. Nipple clamps were attached and at times I felt utterly owned; I would have done anything to please Mistress. By the time I was released (without being allowed to orgasm), I was completely spent and Mistress sent me back into the real world when all I really wanted to do was to locked away by her for eternity.”

His First Session

“Had my first session with Mistress Aleera today. I am just starting out and she was immediately nice and eased me in before becoming mean and perfect. I can’t recommend her enough, she is stunning, which is one hell of a tease in itself, as well as being tough, sexy and has a wicked look in her eye. More than just her eye really an amazingly wicked side. You really don’t want to disobey her, unless you do, in which case she will take you on one hell of a ride”

Tattooed Mistress

‘I had a really wonderful time with Mistress Aleera yesterday. I hadn’t ever been to a professional Mistress before, so was a bit nervous beforehand, and didn’t really know whether I would like it. I had played a bit with ex-girlfriends, but that was it. I suppose I was hoping to find a professional who was both really beautiful and alternative looking (tattoos etc.) before delving deeper. So I was really grateful to find Mistress Aleera, who is both.

The session started with a short chat to discuss what I wanted, boundaries etc. She was always very safety conscious which I really appreciated, and this quickly dispelled the nerves. It was clear she knew what she was doing, and I didn’t need to worry about anything. Since I’m inexperienced I didn’t know the correct words etc., but thankfully she was very forgiving of this.

My main interest this time was trying corporal punishment, and Mistress used a range of implements with an associated variety of sensations. I really enjoyed this, and it made it even better that Mistress also enjoyed it. I particularly liked the one with the dragon tail. This was interspersed with some lighter activities like tie and tease, and also some bondage/nipple torture. The session was rounded off with a caning, which was really painful and really enjoyable. It was a wonderful first session, and I still feel great the day after. I’m looking forward to booking another session in the future!’

Better than conventional therapy

Mistress Aleera is very special, I was not even sure what I was looking for.

She is very clever and experienced and she has found her calling. I am not new to BDSM but I had lost my way due to a vanilla relationship and was sexually dead. She got where I was at in no time and before I knew it I was fixed.

I thank her so much, she did what months of hypnothreapy and other therapy failed to do in the first session. I can give no higher recommendation, I am seeing her on a regular basis now.

Neil <3

New Playspace

With a racing heart I watched Her assess Her new playground.
Her fluid hips swaying as she languidly and gracefully took ownership of Her lair.
The twinkle in Her ice blue eyes augured a mood of particular sadistic intent, making my heart beat all the harder.

And so it began…
There was no indecision,
No mistaking Her desire,
No doubt that She was treading a path that I had not yet trod with Her before.
The degradation intense,
The blissful torture nerve ragingly harsh,
And gazing upon the most beautiful face of my tormentor as she pillaged my body was second to no other earthly pleasure.

Uncontrollablly shaking, my ravaged body screamed out in ecstasy as wave after wave of carnal splendour flooded my veins, setting my flesh alight…
And the rules changed…

‘Touch yourself… perform for me My puppy’

And so the vile wraiths of my insecurities erupted,
Dragged into the light,
Forced out of my stifling sanctuary to face the writhing daemons that haunt my heart.
Challenging my mind,
Fighting my body,

Eager to not displease my Pack Leader.

Driven to my knees,
The raging of my mind soothed by Her lyrical voice,
Calmed by Her strong words.
The scent of Her lingering in my senses,
How joyous was it to be allowed to be so close,
To touch,
To smell,
To rest my cheek upon Her beautiful thigh.
i pushed with all my might like a manic train driver stoking fires, steaming through the night…
But failed.
And as the wheels slowed and the burning fires cooled,
Her tender finger tips stroked my sweating brow,
The shame of failure darkened my eyes.
Vows to try harder muttered under an exhausted breath.

As I walked away,
i was suddenly overcome by a deep sense of sadness, of incompleteness…
A cool breeze gently brushed my burning cheeks, the night air crisp in the mouth as I tried to draw a breath into my tight chest.
The deep desire to stay was strong as my skin tingled,
The cotton of my shirt rubbed against my stinging nipples,
The snug material of my boxers cradled aching testicles,
A hot ache twisting up my loins.
The anguish of an unfinished epic,
Tormented my mind and frustrated my flesh.
Every sensation exaggerated,
Overwhelming each burning nerve.
The hours passed,
There was no relief.
The tortured days passed,
And at the word of my Alpha,
my body erupted in magnificent fury…
But still a profound emptiness shadowed my possessed mind.