bum puppy

I have been visiting Mistress Aleera for about a year. Mistress Aleera is an amazing mistress; she is kind and gentle, allowing you to build trust in her, yet always in command and allowing you to sense her power. If you allow Mistress Aleera to persevere with you over a period of time, she can take you on a journey of discovery.

I started my journey with some simple strapon training. Mistress Aleera has taken my strapon abilities further than I thought possible, leading me to my first assgasms in our last meeting. She has also helped me to explore my submissive side. Of course it is so much easier to be submissive to a beautiful mistress that you can open up to and really put your trust in.

Today we started off with some more strapon play. Mistress Aleera was as wonderful as ever and managed to tease more assgasms our of me. The memory of Mistress Aleera pounding me to the rhythm of her favourite techno beat will stay in my head for a long time.

Mistress Aleera then introduced me to edging. This was my first experience of edging, tied to a bench and at the mercy of Mistress Aleera. I was in ecstacy as Mistress Aleera teased me; her knowing​ smile only adding to the moment. By the end of the session I had been taken to a place in subspace that I didn’t know existed and I was utterly in Mistress Aleera’s power, mentally as well as physically.

I am already excited with anticipation for what my next visit might lead to.

frank’s first encounter

I recently had the honour of meeting with Mistress Aleera, and this post reveals what went on and my feelings about it. I hope it will give those of you who have never met Mistress Aleera, but have contemplated doing so, the encouragement to take the plunge. This testimonial provides an honest account of what happened and hopefully conveys just how utterly impressed I was by her intuition and capability.

Having never before visited or contacted a dominatrix, I was delighted when my opening e-mail requesting a session was met with a warm and enthusiastic reply from Mistress Aleera inviting me to her lair. What then followed was the longest six-week wait of my life! Trust me when I tell you not to delay in contacting her. Her time is immensely sought-after, and that tells you all you need to know.

Finally, the day came and I dutifully arrived at the specified address at the allotted time. My first encounter with Mistress Aleera was actually a few words over the door’s intercom – her voice was so much softer than I was expecting. In I went, ominously downstairs and into the unknown. She greeted me at the entrance to her lair, her face bearing a welcoming smile that gave away nothing of what was to come. She is truly stunning, as anyone who has met her will testify.

We spoke for a few minutes before the session got underway. I had dutifully provided Mistress Aleera with an e-mail outlining what I was seeking a few days earlier, but she had the experience and intuition to see immediately that I had talked myself up too far and she wasn’t afraid to tell me just that! I later realised just how right I was to trust that she might already understand me better than I understood myself.

What followed was an introductory session in which my pain thresholds were explored with a variety of whips and canes. I undressed, and moments later was securely bound to the spanking bench. To warm me up, Mistress Aleera used a small paddle and administered more strokes than I could count in just a few short minutes. I was immediately taken aback by how fiercely such an innocent looking weapon could sting in the right hands. Already I knew that I was dangerously close to being in over my head.

Once the warm up ended, she brought out several other implements, including a dragon’s tail, a strap, a single tail whip, a flogger, a crop and a cane. Mistress Aleera showed me each one up close before using it on me and this only served to heighten the anticipation. She expertly wielded each weapon, constantly pushing and playing with my limits and reading me with an expert’s ease. The sensations were indescribable kand I truly didn’t want the experience to end.

Eventually, Mistress Aleera untied me and let me see the results of her work in the mirror. Quite a sight!!

After a brief pause, I was taken to the centre of the room where my wrists were cuffed to the ceiling so that she could whip my back. However, before wielding her flogger, she brought out her electrical kit and placed various electrodes on my cock and balls. The sensations were amazing and the intensity was gradually increased once the back-whipping commenced. Clamps were placed on my nipples just to add to the sensory overload, creating an experience that I want to repeat again and again. The sting of the whips cut through everything, and Mistress Aleera clearly enjoyed using my back as canvas for her artistic creativity. Despite the pain, the occasional delicate touch from her fingertips on my freshly marked back sent shivers through me that eclipsed everything. She eventually relented and released me so that I could see her latest art work in the mirror again.

For the finale, I was tied to a cross to receive more whipping on my back. She continued to push me with the strap and dragon’s tail (my two favourites by now, I have to admit) and a new thinner cane, clearly delighting in testing my limits further than before. Of course I had no intention of disappointing Mistress Aleera by asking her to stop! From my vantage point I could also see several other fearsome weapons in her bag of tricks. Curious though I was, I counted myself lucky that they were not brought out to play (this time). By the end, I was covered with welts and bruises that were to last a couple of weeks.

When the session was over, we chatted for a few minutes and I was privileged to get to know her a little better.

There is no doubt that Mistress Aleera is a remarkable woman and a highly skilled dominatrix who takes her role very seriously. I was taken aback by how kind and considerate she was throughout our time together, and she knows just how to bring out the best in a newcomer. She demonstrated from the outset that she has a deep understanding of the true needs and desires of those who come to her, and I very much hope to return to be guided by her expertise as I explore this side of myself.

The Wolf Pack Ritual

Not just a House of Wolves

Aleera, Queen Of Wolves, caught my attention some time ago. I was drawn not only to the idea of the Wolf Pack under Her command but also to our common interest of exploring BDSM within the pagan world. I wrote a polite request to meet Her and was thrilled to receive an invitation. On the day I was nervous, Lady Wolf has a reputation for hard, limit-pushing play and I knew my masochism was going to be tested at new, perhaps spiritual levels. Yet, when the dungeon door opened this beautiful woman gave me a warm welcome and some relaxation time to steady my resolve. Lady Wolf is a true professional and we clarified all limits, expectations and safety matters. I felt secure and confident.

My heart started beating faster as my Wolf Queen positioned the spanking bench. A candle was lit, the lights were dimmed and suitably ritualistic music was played; for that is what we wanted this session to be – a ritual. Told to strip then gagged and blind-folded I was put into position and restrained; my first ordeal was to be a caning. I felt and heard the first stroke land across my ass, hard and hot, I breathed deeply. The next came, harder, accurate and painful. Lady Wolf knows how to pace a caning by reading Her submissive’s bodily signals. The strokes landed incessantly, the pain cleared my mind of everything else and eventually I started to float far away. All I remember was hearing the sound of Her cane as it repeatedly struck followed by the crack of Her whips across my ass and legs leaving me ablaze with pain as they licked fire on my skin. I went beyond subspace to I don’t know where, but it was blissful.

It took a long time to come down from this experience and I vaguely remember kissing Her feet and seeing the pleasure I had brought my Queen by taking everything she had wanted to inflict on me.

If possible, I encourage people to request a session of two or more hours because then the full extent of your and Her needs can be enjoyed in a relaxed and unhurried fashion. We had a short break for a drink and chat. Lady Wolf told me to get onto the sling, She spread my legs, tied my feet and entered me with one of her strapon dildos. I love the joy on Her face as She has her way with her pup. I felt honoured to be taken so thoroughly and pleasurably by my Queen who gave me twenty or more amazing prostate orgasms (if you don’t know what they are, I’m sure Lady Wolf will educate you).

By the end of our session I was alive with all sorts of sensations, feeling relaxed and happy but also spiritually awoken. I have never felt as connected with a Dominatrix as I do with Lady Wolf. My next visit is less than two weeks away.

BumPup’s unforgettable afternoon.

BumPup’s unforgettable afternoon.

All of my sessions with Lady Wolf are exciting and memorable in their own way. However, my latest session was a time apart. It reached me at a deeper level, both physically and mentally, than I could ever have imagined. I hope I can share a little of why this session was so special to me.

Since Lady Wolf’s gave me my training collar, our sessions have become better and better, as I have trusted Her to push my boundaries, bringing the excitement of the new but also strengthening the bond of Leader and pupil (pup!) that is so important to Lady Wolf’s relationship with Her pack.

I knew today’s session was going to include strapon play and electro torture but Lady Wolf hadn’t shared any more details of Her plans. When I arrived, Lady Wolf was in a really fun mood, dancing to some upbeat music. Today’s vibe was going to be playful I thought. But you never can tell which way Lady Wolf is going to lead the adventure. It was a 3 hour session which gives a lot of time to build the mood and the empathy.

The first part of the session was electro torture. I was wrapped up in a straight jacket with EStim attatched to my genitals and some nipples clamps. The playful mood continued with lots of laughing and teasing from Lady Wolf and more giggling from me. However, using Her great skill, Lady Wolf gradually increased the intensity of the pain until She had coaxed me to a higher level than I had every managed before. This left me squeaking and helpless. But Lady Wolf always knows the right moment to stop the pain and She brought me down to a calm subspace, where I felt very relaxed, peaceful and totally submissive to Lady Wolf.

We then moved onto the strapon part of the session. I love strapon training, and one of my best sessions to date was when Lady Wolf first managed to get me to assgasm. However, I always struggle to relax enough as the intensity builds, so that I had not experienced an intense and extended prostate orgasm. Lady Wolf is an expert with a strapon and has trained me to manage the physical aspect of strapon so that it is very pleasurable and pain free. Today started gradually as usual as Lady Wolf slowly built up the intensity. Then Lady Wolf changed to Her prostate stimulating dildo, changed the music and the mood. All of a sudden I could see a look of determination on Lady Wolf face as she increased the intensity of Her thrusting. As the pressure built I had to stop twice for a breather. But today I could see that Lady Wolf was determined to help me achieve the next level and, more than anything, I wanted to let Her get me there.

As the intensity increased I started to babble incoherently, then howl and squeak. I loved the way Lady Wolf laughed at the effect She was having on me. Then we were there. I was overcome by assgasm after assgasm. But the Queen of the Wolves was relentless, continuing until She had brought me to my first prostate orgasm. I will never forget the look of satisfaction on Lady Wolf’s face when this was achieved.

The cumulation of the strapon session was undoubtedly the most intense orgasmic experience of my life. But even more memorable was the intensity of striving together, Leader and pupil, Wolf Queen and pup, to achieve something that we had first started our journey towards over a year ago. I am so lucky to have the Queen of the Wolves as my Leader and Mentor.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

A Ritual in Kink!

Queen of Wolves is interested in exploring aspects of BDSM within the context of pagan/heathen beliefs, i also follow this belief system. W/we had talked a lot about using established Rituals within the Wicca and Heathen traditions. For this session Lady Wolf chose the ‘Ordeal of Pain’ for this pagan ritual was also to be part of my training towards one day being admitted to the Wolf Pack, if i am deemed worthy.

Carefully applied pain in a ritual context aims to bring the submissive into an altered state and thus bring them closer to Spirit. Intense psychological drama creates an emotional Ordeal for both. They travel to the dark places in themselves and come out safely having learned useful things in the process. Raven Kaldera, “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM.

Lady Wolf ordered me to kneel before Her and kiss the Wolf ring adorning Her finger. i bowed my head as She helped me to relax guiding my attention inwards urging me to let go of everything and to centre my focus. She cleansed both U/us and the dungeon space with burning sage ushered around with a crow’s wing. The altar was set, candles lit and ritual music played.

Already emotionally charged my Wolf Queen instructed me to disrobe, be quiet and get into position. The ceremonial cleansing combined with Her firm commands filled me with a confidant willingness to obey and ready myself for the pain She was about to inflict. The Ordeal sets out the manner in which caning and whipping is carried out to take both Dominant and submissive on a journey. This is given impetus by the Top/subspace well known within BDSM circles but then to transcend that space and connect with other forces. Yes, it may sound bizarre but there is powerful psychology, emotions and sensations at play here.

Lady Wolf told me to prepare myself because it was going to hurt right from the start – no warm up. Everything was still, i composed myself in order to concentrate on processing the pain and channeling my energy back to Her as well as using it to try to enter the altered state we both sought. There came three hard cane strokes, followed by seven more, then another twenty-one. i cried out, gripped the bench, breathed deeply and concentrated on processing the intense pain. She circled me and whispered in my ear; “Clear your mind and let go”, “Connect with the universe and give Me your energy,” She ran her fingers over my body in a reassuring and caring way before returning to deliver more, increasingly hard strokes.

Lady Wolf is an expert with canes, whips and floggers (plus lots of other implements and devices!) Reaching for the one meter long senior dragon She continued the caning eventually pushing me into a pool of ecstatic release. i didn’t know where i was but became dimly aware that i was being pushed further still by a fierce whipping. This continued until blood and tears flowed, and this is what W/we wanted. i was in an unknown place being purged of something even though i wasn’t sure exactly what. The Ordeal continued until i was completely broken, the pain dissolved within me, there were feelings of flying, giant waterfalls and i was peaceful.

She knew exactly when to stop The Ordeal because Queen of Wolves reads me like no other ever has. The Ordeal might sound scary but it was amazing! Lady Wolf had taken me on that journey and from deep inside me came out all this shit. Under Her instruction i struggled to the floor, kissed her feet then she held me closely while i sobbed out my remaining tears. She had inflicted so much pain but ensured i was cared for and was okay physically and emotionally.

This is the archetypal Journey To The Underworld, and the Dominant has to be the one who gets the submissive in and out, and the stand-in for the implacable Death Gods who inhabit that dark place. To do so the Dominant has to be perceptive, good at reading people, good at creating an intensely moving ritual structure, and utterly ruthless. We have to channel the Underworld forces through ourselves….it is our sacred task as priestesses of the Underworld to take them all the way in, and get them back out alive and better than they were. Raven Kaldera, “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM”

i believe W/we will take things further still and continue to explore these sacred acts. i have never been particularly submissive but the trust and respect i have for Lady Wolf is becoming very special indeed. As She says, “Welcome to my lair! Give yourself to me totally, utterly, completely”. This i willingly do my Wolf Queen.

bumpup’s new adventure

My first electro-torture session.

I have been visiting Lady Wolf for over a year. My previous visits had focused​ on strap on training, along with boot worship to show my devotion to Lady Wolf.

Recently my training, under Lady Wolf’s leadership, has moved into a new phase. As a result, I thought the time had come to push my boundaries and take my first tentative steps into S&M. What better way to start than electro-torture.

The day before the session I felt a strange mixture​ of anticipation and trepidation. What if I had bitten off more than I could chew? However, having been under Lady Wolf’s guidance for some time now, I trust her implicitly​ and this gave me the assurance to take these first steps.

Lady Wolf greeted me with her beautiful, knowing smile. She was dressed for the occasion in a leather outfit, long leather gloves and beautiful leather boots. Lady Wolf loves leather and knows that I love to see her wearing it. This was going to be fun.

In no time at all, I was tucked into a straightjacket and bound firmly to a bed. Lady Wolf was very attentive, ensuring my hands were tied with rope so that I couldn’t wriggle free. She then opened the zips and flaps of the straightjacket, exposing my nipples and and my most sensitive parts for her to torture.

The E-Stim was attached to my penis by two loops and to my nipple by a clamp. Lady Wolf assured me she was using beginner level attachments and E-Stim settings. The E-Stim setting she had selected had an ebb and flow, which was very clever as it made the pain bearable by providing moments of relief, even as the intensity increased.

Gradually Lady Wolf increased the settings on the E-Stim and I began to jerk and jump with the pain. Fortunately the straightjacket kept me firmly in place and Lady Wolf’s calming smile and words kept me reassured.

At first, I giggled at the sensation, probably with a little nervousness. As the intensity increased, I struggled to finish my sentences. Eventually, the intensity reached a level where I could only make small yelping sounds due to the pain level. Lady Wolf is so skilled and attentive that she knew exactly when my limits had been reached, without​ me having to ask to stop, and gradually reduced the intensity before releasing me from my bondage.

Though the pain from the E-Stim had been intense at its peak, it was also incredibly pleasurable. The pleasure was heightened​ by knowing that Lady Wolf was enjoying the experience as much as I was, from a very different perspective, and that my willingness to push my boundaries was pleasing her so much. At the end of the session I was so glad that I had decided to try out electro-torture for my first S&M experience.

When I first started my journey with Lady Wolf, I would never have imagined that I would try S&M. However, through Lady Wolf’s amazing leadership, we have discovered a new shared interest. I am now really excited about where this might lead to next.