6 Hours of WolfPack Fun!

Gas masked and body bagged!

So, I decided to ask Lady Wolf for a six hour session. This was much longer than my usual three hour sessions and would give Lady Wolf plenty of time to try out a number of different new activities with me.

Lady Wolf planned the whole afternoon in great detail, introducing me to new interests such as breath play and bastinado mixed in with old favourites – strap-on and electro torture. I have been fascinated by breath play for a while. I enjoy electro torture immensely and the remote aspect of breath play held a similar appeal.

Lady Wolf tied me up in a full length body bag and bound it firmly to a flat surface with leather straps. This was much tighter bondage than I was used to and escape was impossible. Lady Wolf then carefully fitted a gas mask onto my head, checking that I was ok and could breathe normally. We were ready to go. I love heavy bondage and this arrangement was really comforting. However the gas mask was quite unnerving. It gave me a real sense of isolation, which made what was about to happen all the more disconcerting.

Lady Wolf began to carefully cover the end of the breathing pipe. Very quickly I felt the pain from lack of oxygen and began to wriggle. Lady Wolf was very careful, as it was my first time, and let me breath again after a few jerks. I loved Her for it. She gradually extended the intervals of oxygen deprivation but I still felt relatively comfortable. Then Lady Wolf sprang a surprise on me.

The next time She let me breathe, just as I was about to fill my lungs, the pipe was suddenly closed. In seconds I was jerking and leaping in pain. However I didn’t panic as I knew Lady Wolf would keep me safe.

This was enough for a first introduction to breath play and we moved onto rope bondage.

I was tied up in a straight jacket and put comfortably on a mat, face upwards. Lady Wolf took down a heavy rope and tied it tightly around my ankles, before hoisting my legs up by attaching the rope to a bar at about waist height. Lady Wolf is an expert with a rope and when She had finished, my position was extremely vulnerable and I was totally immobile.

From my vantage point I was able to observe that the knots were immaculate. When I saw that the soles of my feet were fully exposed I remembered, with some trepidation, that I had shared with Lady Wolf a curiosity in bastinado. Bastinado is one of Lady Wolf’s favourite interests and I was thrilled to participate in it with Her. However I was also a little apprehensive. I knew that bastinado can be extremely painful and I didn’t how well I would cope with it.

Lady Wolf began to gently tap my soles with a thin cane to warm me up. This was a kindness. Then She increased the intensity of the blows so that they gave me a little pain, but no more than I could absorb by relaxing and breathing deeply. Suddenly, to show me the consequences of including an interest on my “Be careful what you wish for” list, Lady Wolf gave me a hard blow across the soles. I had intended to remain calm and silent as long as possible during the bastinado. But with the first hard blow I let out a loud yell. We continued for a while with moderate blows interspersed by the occasional hard blow on the soles. After a while I came to really enjoy the moderate blows, for the relative relief they provided, and I was able to look up and watch Lady Wolf’s expression of enjoyment as she set about her work.

I never managed to remain silent during a hard blow. Maybe next time! Lady Wolf released me from the bondage and I was able to enjoy the sight of the rope markings on my ankles while She got the next activity ready.

I was tied to a chair using leather cuffs and straps, then blindfolded and gagged. Lady Wolf began to attach clips and clamps to me. I guessed these were for electro torture, a favourite for the both of U/us. The gentle throb on my nipples and genitals proved my suspicions. However the sensory deprivation really heightened the sensations and the clamps on my nipples hurt a lot. After a while Lady Wolf removed the nipple clamps. I was glad of the relief until Lady Wolf began to tweak the sore, numb, nipples. This was far worse than any clamp and I couldn’t contain a loud yell. I was teased and tormented with a mix of noise, electro and more nipple play and then we stopped for a break.

We chatted for a while over a snack and some water – even Wolves need to be fed and watered – and then Lady Wolf looked at me and said “BumPup, next I am going to introduce you to needles.” My heart leapt. Needles was something Lady Wolf and I had discussed several times recently. I know that Lady Wolf has a passion for needle play, and I had become fascinated by it. She is also an expert and professionally trained, so I knew it would be very safe.

But I still felt that twinge of terror you get when you are about to get onto a really scary ride for the first time and are worried that you might have misjudged your confidence. I was aware that I was going further down the rabbit hole than I had ever imagined possible. Lady Wolf led me to a medical bench and tied me to it with more leather straps, so that I would not make any sudden moves.

Then, after rubbing my scrotum with alcohol, She showed me the needles She was about to use. It was only four of the smallest needles. I was sure I could manage these and anyway, I wasn’t about to back out at this stage. So why was I giggling hysterically as my heart pounded? Lady Wolf calmed me down and picked up the first needle.

She asked me to breathe in, then out. As I breathed out She pushed the first needle through my skin and I let out a loud yell. My adrenaline level was off the scale. This was the most pain I had felt all day. It was also very different – much sharper and more intimate. I could feel Lady Wolf pushing the needle through my skin. And Lady Wolf really enjoys pushing needles in!

Once the first needle was through, I was relieved that the pain had eased, while knowing that there were three more to follow. Each was just as painful to insert and then it was over and all four were in my scrotum in a neat arrangement. After taking a photograph to help U/us remember,  Lady Wolf removed the needles quickly and safely and cleaned the skin again. I was thrilled to have taken this first step in needle play; to have submitted to Lady Wolf in one of Her favourite pursuits. Lady Wolf was equally pleased that I had enjoyed needle play.

We agreed that W/we would have to return to needle play again – and soon! Next W/we moved onto a session of strap-on play. Strap-on is one of my favourite interests and it is why I first met Lady Wolf.

However, after the needle play, I seemed to have no stamina for strap-on and I had to ask Lady Wolf for mercy quite after a short while. To finish the day, Lady Wolf strapped me to the medical bench once more to be subjected to the milking machine. The milking machine is an unusual sensation; very mechanical and impersonal yet ultimately arousing. In my uber relaxed condition, the experience was most pleasant.

Of course Lady Wolf likes to make games interesting, increasing and decreasing the intensity of the machine for Her amusement.

Then, Lady Wolf said to me “I am thinking of sending you home like this.” She turned the machine off, and laughingly added “That’s the moment you realise I am not joking.” Of course I was disappointed by the orgasm denial, but due to my extreme adrenaline dip after needle play, the disappointment felt like a distant awareness of someone else’s pain.

And so a wonderful afternoon with Lady Wolf came to an end. I thanked Lady Wolf for all Her thought and planning that had made O/our time together so special and for taking such good care of me through so many new experiences. I really am so grateful to be part of Her Wolf Pack. Next day I awoke with a deep sense of rueful regret about the orgasm denial and wondered if delayed torture was a first!

Fortunately the regret was softened by a pleasing, gentle ache in my scrotum; a reminder of my first needle play with Lady Wolf and the promise of much more fun together in the future.