A message from My pack

This is written for future slaves to Mistress Aleera.

Mistress is a remarkable, amazing woman. She’s extremely positive about life and very kind and accommodating. But if you mistake that outward appearance for someone who is soft underneath, you are in for a shock. She means it when she talks about relentless domination. That’s what she wants, your submissiveness. And if that is what you want to give, then you won’t find a woman who it is more satisfying to serve.

In session she’s a dream. She loves the dungeon atmosphere, loves the dynamic she creates, loves watching you crumble in front of her. She reads you like a book, knowing instinctively what will work between you, and then she makes it hers. She makes you hers.

Once bitten, twice shy? No, exactly the opposite. Once bitten, you’re in her pack. A werewolf, enslaved to her for ever.”