bum puppy

I have been visiting Mistress Aleera for about a year. Mistress Aleera is an amazing mistress; she is kind and gentle, allowing you to build trust in her, yet always in command and allowing you to sense her power. If you allow Mistress Aleera to persevere with you over a period of time, she can take you on a journey of discovery.

I started my journey with some simple strapon training. Mistress Aleera has taken my strapon abilities further than I thought possible, leading me to my first assgasms in our last meeting. She has also helped me to explore my submissive side. Of course it is so much easier to be submissive to a beautiful mistress that you can open up to and really put your trust in.

Today we started off with some more strapon play. Mistress Aleera was as wonderful as ever and managed to tease more assgasms our of me. The memory of Mistress Aleera pounding me to the rhythm of her favourite techno beat will stay in my head for a long time.

Mistress Aleera then introduced me to edging. This was my first experience of edging, tied to a bench and at the mercy of Mistress Aleera. I was in ecstacy as Mistress Aleera teased me; her knowing​ smile only adding to the moment. By the end of the session I had been taken to a place in subspace that I didn’t know existed and I was utterly in Mistress Aleera’s power, mentally as well as physically.

I am already excited with anticipation for what my next visit might lead to.