bumpup’s new adventure

My first electro-torture session.

I have been visiting Lady Wolf for over a year. My previous visits had focused​ on strap on training, along with boot worship to show my devotion to Lady Wolf.

Recently my training, under Lady Wolf’s leadership, has moved into a new phase. As a result, I thought the time had come to push my boundaries and take my first tentative steps into S&M. What better way to start than electro-torture.

The day before the session I felt a strange mixture​ of anticipation and trepidation. What if I had bitten off more than I could chew? However, having been under Lady Wolf’s guidance for some time now, I trust her implicitly​ and this gave me the assurance to take these first steps.

Lady Wolf greeted me with her beautiful, knowing smile. She was dressed for the occasion in a leather outfit, long leather gloves and beautiful leather boots. Lady Wolf loves leather and knows that I love to see her wearing it. This was going to be fun.

In no time at all, I was tucked into a straightjacket and bound firmly to a bed. Lady Wolf was very attentive, ensuring my hands were tied with rope so that I couldn’t wriggle free. She then opened the zips and flaps of the straightjacket, exposing my nipples and and my most sensitive parts for her to torture.

The E-Stim was attached to my penis by two loops and to my nipple by a clamp. Lady Wolf assured me she was using beginner level attachments and E-Stim settings. The E-Stim setting she had selected had an ebb and flow, which was very clever as it made the pain bearable by providing moments of relief, even as the intensity increased.

Gradually Lady Wolf increased the settings on the E-Stim and I began to jerk and jump with the pain. Fortunately the straightjacket kept me firmly in place and Lady Wolf’s calming smile and words kept me reassured.

At first, I giggled at the sensation, probably with a little nervousness. As the intensity increased, I struggled to finish my sentences. Eventually, the intensity reached a level where I could only make small yelping sounds due to the pain level. Lady Wolf is so skilled and attentive that she knew exactly when my limits had been reached, without​ me having to ask to stop, and gradually reduced the intensity before releasing me from my bondage.

Though the pain from the E-Stim had been intense at its peak, it was also incredibly pleasurable. The pleasure was heightened​ by knowing that Lady Wolf was enjoying the experience as much as I was, from a very different perspective, and that my willingness to push my boundaries was pleasing her so much. At the end of the session I was so glad that I had decided to try out electro-torture for my first S&M experience.

When I first started my journey with Lady Wolf, I would never have imagined that I would try S&M. However, through Lady Wolf’s amazing leadership, we have discovered a new shared interest. I am now really excited about where this might lead to next.