BumPup’s unforgettable afternoon.

BumPup’s unforgettable afternoon.

All of my sessions with Lady Wolf are exciting and memorable in their own way. However, my latest session was a time apart. It reached me at a deeper level, both physically and mentally, than I could ever have imagined. I hope I can share a little of why this session was so special to me.

Since Lady Wolf’s gave me my training collar, our sessions have become better and better, as I have trusted Her to push my boundaries, bringing the excitement of the new but also strengthening the bond of Leader and pupil (pup!) that is so important to Lady Wolf’s relationship with Her pack.

I knew today’s session was going to include strapon play and electro torture but Lady Wolf hadn’t shared any more details of Her plans. When I arrived, Lady Wolf was in a really fun mood, dancing to some upbeat music. Today’s vibe was going to be playful I thought. But you never can tell which way Lady Wolf is going to lead the adventure. It was a 3 hour session which gives a lot of time to build the mood and the empathy.

The first part of the session was electro torture. I was wrapped up in a straight jacket with EStim attatched to my genitals and some nipples clamps. The playful mood continued with lots of laughing and teasing from Lady Wolf and more giggling from me. However, using Her great skill, Lady Wolf gradually increased the intensity of the pain until She had coaxed me to a higher level than I had every managed before. This left me squeaking and helpless. But Lady Wolf always knows the right moment to stop the pain and She brought me down to a calm subspace, where I felt very relaxed, peaceful and totally submissive to Lady Wolf.

We then moved onto the strapon part of the session. I love strapon training, and one of my best sessions to date was when Lady Wolf first managed to get me to assgasm. However, I always struggle to relax enough as the intensity builds, so that I had not experienced an intense and extended prostate orgasm. Lady Wolf is an expert with a strapon and has trained me to manage the physical aspect of strapon so that it is very pleasurable and pain free. Today started gradually as usual as Lady Wolf slowly built up the intensity. Then Lady Wolf changed to Her prostate stimulating dildo, changed the music and the mood. All of a sudden I could see a look of determination on Lady Wolf face as she increased the intensity of Her thrusting. As the pressure built I had to stop twice for a breather. But today I could see that Lady Wolf was determined to help me achieve the next level and, more than anything, I wanted to let Her get me there.

As the intensity increased I started to babble incoherently, then howl and squeak. I loved the way Lady Wolf laughed at the effect She was having on me. Then we were there. I was overcome by assgasm after assgasm. But the Queen of the Wolves was relentless, continuing until She had brought me to my first prostate orgasm. I will never forget the look of satisfaction on Lady Wolf’s face when this was achieved.

The cumulation of the strapon session was undoubtedly the most intense orgasmic experience of my life. But even more memorable was the intensity of striving together, Leader and pupil, Wolf Queen and pup, to achieve something that we had first started our journey towards over a year ago. I am so lucky to have the Queen of the Wolves as my Leader and Mentor.