Celebrating One Year serving Queen of Wolves. Pt. 1

As part of celebrating one year of serving Queen of Wolves a special appearance was made by Anubis – the Egyptian deity recognisable by the jackal head. Big black eyes and long ears sitting atop a slim body clad in black, skin tight, shiny latex and polished knee high boots. A truly wonderful visual apparition.

Anubis said nothing but pointed at the fucking sling indicating that I remove my clothes and position myself accordingly. My legs were put into stirrups high above my waist leaving me vulnerable with butt fully exposed. I knew I was going to be probed and watched with trepidation as Anubis got into her harness and positioned the dildo that was going to explore me. My ass was lubricated and the cock pushed straight in, full length. There was a pause, black  eyes staring into mine and without braking gaze Anubis started fucking me hard.

Lady Wolf is exceptionally good at strapon and has taken me on many memorable rides; I can’t begin to tell you how good it feels. This time it went to new level. The Anubis look and attitude brought a weird, genderless vibe to the scene. I knew, of course, that behind the mask was Lady Wolf, but quickly forgot this and was drawn into a surreal world of alien beings supplemented by chaotic nerve jangling music. My body responded to the stimulus in all the usual ways and in an odd rapture I heard myself pleading with the dark creature to take me harder and deeper. I was in full butt-slut mode.

Some time later when utterly wasted and exhausted the probing ceased and I lay on the sling trying to catch my breath but savouring the internal sensations following the pounding I had received, but Anubis was not yet done with me.  She positioned a fucking machine such that it would continue the anal assault. The machine is capable of delivering a slow sensual experience all the way up to a 120 strokes per minute intense ass fucking and I was tested on all levels for a further period until I was wrecked.

This session was epic! Let’s just say that walking was a bit of a problem when Lady Wolf had finally dealt with my butt using not only Her physical skill and energy but also at the controls of the fucking machine.

If anal play is something you enjoy, then a polite request to Last Wolf might just get you a session as memorable as this was for me.