Hooks and Needles

Picture this. Ambient music and subdued lighting fill the room. I am lying flat on a bench, strapped down and incapacitated. There are six hooks in my chest. Each has been threaded through a pair of holes created in my skin by a piercing needle. Each hook is tied with string and connected to a frame above me, it looks like a weird string instrument. A milking machine is relentlessly working on my cock while my Mistress strums and tugs at the strings so that the hooks painfully pull at my skin. My arse and legs are on fire following a cold caning and fierce whipping. I feel transported to another place. It is a medley of amazing sensations.

So it was at that exceptional session with Queen of Wolves. Lady Wolf had obviously decided that I was to be pushed and tested further. I was nervous at the thought of needle and hook play but because I totally trust Her it was more fear of the unknown rather than fear of pain, even though that was to be intense.

Earlier, Lady Wolf had caned and whipped me hard. She has done so many times but increases the pain level and duration every each time we meet. She thrashes me until I am bleeding (this is something we both enjoy a lot) but this time was brutal. Not only had She caned me until my arse was raw but had whipped the highly sensitive backs of legs until I was broken and there was crying. Lady Wolf intuitively knows when I need that harsh treatment but also how to comfort me as the tears flow. Afterwards I feel purged and clear-minded. This time there was more to come.

And so with my butt and legs burning, Lady Wolf orders me onto the restraining bench and connects the milking machine. She pushes the needle through my skin six times, slowly of course, in order to maximise pain (Lady Wolf is a no-nonsense sadist, right!). This, on top of what I had already received, made me start to float away. The hooks look amazing after She positions and ties them. The sensation of them tugging at my skin sends me off to another place. I really do ‘journey’ in true Shamanic fashion. Lady Wolf pulls at the hooks, it is so painful but that pain slowly melts and fuses with what is already there. She talks to me, guides me on my journey, asks me where I am and what I am doing. Well, I am in a cave with another boy, having sex (the milking machine is doubtless responsible for this vision). She turns up the machine and pulls the hooks even harder. I can feel an orgasm building – am I allowed to cum or not, I’m not sure. But then I feel a Doxy between my legs, teasing me more and the machine goes to full power.

In my cave I am fucking my boy hard but I hear Lady Wolf telling me to describe exactly what is happening. Bang! I orgasm really powerfully, it lasts for ages, writhing around on the bench, the sensations are intense but eventually subside. Lady Wolf guides me back to reality and the medley of bodily sensations re-enter my consciousness but they are well and truly anaesthetised.

Needles and hooks are new to me but I can without any hesitation recommend a session with Lady Wolf to explore this. She is expert at this play and also a qualified piercer so there is nothing to fear, She knows what she is doing.

This is why I love my Mistress so much. Not a romantic love of course, but one that allows two souls to commune safely and be open to new experiences. Lady Wolf leads me on a journey, I follow, She takes care of me and in return I give Her my loyalty and protection.