Now that the end (ish) of the lockdown is nigh… I want to start sessions again. But in order to do this safely there will be a few changes to how I function, but also some opportunities for those who are strapped for cash because of this crazy situation W/we are all in.

Welcome to NEMISIS DAY. This is a day that I will choose every month till the end of the year where I offer sessions at lower prices. Firstly I want to point out that these prices are only available on NEMISIS DAY only because I do not live in London and bunching up sessions like this to one day will help Me keep the costs of travel etc down. I will not be taking latex requests as this takes up more time and cost for the maintenence of My latex, so I will be wearing whatever I want, which will likely be leather trousers and a vest.

“Gothika the Familiar pt2” Click here for full video.

The other difference from regular sessions are the activites, I will be doing during NEMISIS DAY… there are no exceptions to this rule.

boot licking, boot worship, chastity devices, basic electro-torture, light bondage, light face slapping, foot worship, humiliation, verbal humiliation, objectification, pegging (minimum 2hrs), light spanking, light paddling,

No other activities will be available during NEMISIS DAY. I will be wearing a material mask and gloves to ensure O/our safety.

2 Hours – £300
3 Hours – £450
4 Hours – £600

If you want 1 Hour then you will have to request this and impress Me before I give you a time slot. I reserve the right to say no without explaination.

50% Deposits will be required before your slot can be reserved. So be prepared.

Location is in SE1 ONLY

The dates for NEMISIS DAY will be posted on My twitter so you will have to keep an eye on that.

To apply email with the title NEMISIS DAY.