Corporal Punishment How To Prepare

By Fenpup 2019


A CP session with Lady Wolf will leave you in just the state you crave. She is expert and accurate with all the pain giving implements and has a particular fondness for whips and canes. Whatever are your needs and desires, when it comes to corporal punishment you have come to the right place.


First things first. We all have different levels of pain tolerance and different preferences as to which tools are used on us. Do not worry. Lady Wolf is a very experienced professional Dominatrix and will ask you questions designed to bring out these preferences before any play begins. Factors such as your health, limits, boundaries and the degree of warm-up you like, will also obviously be taken into account and respected. She will then be able to conduct and pace the session accordingly.

The more Lady Wolf comes to understand you and how you process pain the more She will be able to fine tune subsequent sessions and push you further than you ever thought possible. Naturally, a ‘safe word’ is mandatory without exception. you can be assured that all of Her sessions are conducted in terms of, SSC (Safe Sane and Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

Personally, I enjoy the challenge of a cold caning and this is something Lady Wolf administers very well and enjoys immensely. This is about the most severe test within the CP ambit and here is how I get through such a session.


It’s going to hurt, right? But the reward comes from getting through the challenge and knowing you will be heading for intense sub-space. Equally enjoyable for me is the knowledge that Lady Wolf will likely reach Domme (Top) space. It’s a two-way experience.

Long before the session begins I ensure that I am well hydrated and have eaten. I am always nervous but there’s nothing wrong with that. At the venue, Lady Wolf will greet you and ensure you are in the ‘right mental and physical’ condition to receive the punishment. You must be completely open with Her otherwise no one is going to have a good time.

Assuming all is well, you will be put into whatever position is suitable for what is to follow. At this point, I start to breath deeply and slowly. It doesn’t matter whether you are being caned, whipped, flogged, paddled , etc., the process is the same. Remember, it’s supposed to be painful, that’s why we do it! The first strokes are, for me, the most painful and difficult to process. Feel free to vocalise and express yourself, Lady Wolf wants to hear you. This is rewarding for Her but also let’s Her know whether to adjust the intensity.

As an example, during a recent 100 stroke cold caning, given in batches of ten, Lady Wolf started very hard and as always, very accurately. The first thirty strokes were extremely painful but deep and regular breathing through this was key. Some people occupy their minds by counting the strokes (and you may well be told to so), while personally, I visualised the scene as a sort of out of body experience and floated off to another place. Endorphins flowed quickly and from that point on the pain felt different, dare I say enjoyable. I screamed and yelled but that is part of processing the pain. If I think at any point I can’t take any more, I just try to go with it, remembering my breathing and enjoying my headspace.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be austere and serious unless you request a ‘judicial’ scene. Whether you feel the need to laugh or cry, just do it. I am one of those people for whom pain has a releasing and therapeutic effect and I am not afraid to express this and indeed Lady Wolf would not want me to try to suppress it.

At the end, I was told to stay just where I was. Listen to this please! You will need to compose yourself for about ten minutes and Lady Wolf will tell you when it’s okay to move.


You are very likely to be in deep sub-space after one of these sessions but you will need to be ready for sub-drop. Again, we are all different. For me, this commonly happens the next day. I can feel anything from sluggishness to mildly depressed. It’s your body readjusting itself as the endorphins levels return to normal. I suggest you read up about this (the internet is full of good resources) BEFORE the session, so you know what to expect.

Lady Wolf will have asked you to let Her know that you arrived home safely but also to contact Her if you are having trouble dealing with sub-drop, should this happen. Be sure to do this as She has lots of good advice to offer. Be aware, though, that Domme-drop is something that takes it toll on Lady Wolf, so respect the fact that She may be struggling too.

My routine is this. After I get home I drink a lot of water and eat sweet things such as chocolate. I then admire the marks She has given me. (Yes, we all do it !!) If you are fond of very hard play, then it is possible there will be some skin breakages. I take a long shower or bath and ensure the area is clean then relax and have a good sleep.

The advice above is the same no matter how hard the scene was for you take or the implements used on you. Continue looking after yourself as described for several days and start to look forward to your next session with Lady Wolf.