frank’s first encounter

I recently had the honour of meeting with Mistress Aleera, and this post reveals what went on and my feelings about it. I hope it will give those of you who have never met Mistress Aleera, but have contemplated doing so, the encouragement to take the plunge. This testimonial provides an honest account of what happened and hopefully conveys just how utterly impressed I was by her intuition and capability.

Having never before visited or contacted a dominatrix, I was delighted when my opening e-mail requesting a session was met with a warm and enthusiastic reply from Mistress Aleera inviting me to her lair. What then followed was the longest six-week wait of my life! Trust me when I tell you not to delay in contacting her. Her time is immensely sought-after, and that tells you all you need to know.

Finally, the day came and I dutifully arrived at the specified address at the allotted time. My first encounter with Mistress Aleera was actually a few words over the door’s intercom – her voice was so much softer than I was expecting. In I went, ominously downstairs and into the unknown. She greeted me at the entrance to her lair, her face bearing a welcoming smile that gave away nothing of what was to come. She is truly stunning, as anyone who has met her will testify.

We spoke for a few minutes before the session got underway. I had dutifully provided Mistress Aleera with an e-mail outlining what I was seeking a few days earlier, but she had the experience and intuition to see immediately that I had talked myself up too far and she wasn’t afraid to tell me just that! I later realised just how right I was to trust that she might already understand me better than I understood myself.

What followed was an introductory session in which my pain thresholds were explored with a variety of whips and canes. I undressed, and moments later was securely bound to the spanking bench. To warm me up, Mistress Aleera used a small paddle and administered more strokes than I could count in just a few short minutes. I was immediately taken aback by how fiercely such an innocent looking weapon could sting in the right hands. Already I knew that I was dangerously close to being in over my head.

Once the warm up ended, she brought out several other implements, including a dragon’s tail, a strap, a single tail whip, a flogger, a crop and a cane. Mistress Aleera showed me each one up close before using it on me and this only served to heighten the anticipation. She expertly wielded each weapon, constantly pushing and playing with my limits and reading me with an expert’s ease. The sensations were indescribable kand I truly didn’t want the experience to end.

Eventually, Mistress Aleera untied me and let me see the results of her work in the mirror. Quite a sight!!

After a brief pause, I was taken to the centre of the room where my wrists were cuffed to the ceiling so that she could whip my back. However, before wielding her flogger, she brought out her electrical kit and placed various electrodes on my cock and balls. The sensations were amazing and the intensity was gradually increased once the back-whipping commenced. Clamps were placed on my nipples just to add to the sensory overload, creating an experience that I want to repeat again and again. The sting of the whips cut through everything, and Mistress Aleera clearly enjoyed using my back as canvas for her artistic creativity. Despite the pain, the occasional delicate touch from her fingertips on my freshly marked back sent shivers through me that eclipsed everything. She eventually relented and released me so that I could see her latest art work in the mirror again.

For the finale, I was tied to a cross to receive more whipping on my back. She continued to push me with the strap and dragon’s tail (my two favourites by now, I have to admit) and a new thinner cane, clearly delighting in testing my limits further than before. Of course I had no intention of disappointing Mistress Aleera by asking her to stop! From my vantage point I could also see several other fearsome weapons in her bag of tricks. Curious though I was, I counted myself lucky that they were not brought out to play (this time). By the end, I was covered with welts and bruises that were to last a couple of weeks.

When the session was over, we chatted for a few minutes and I was privileged to get to know her a little better.

There is no doubt that Mistress Aleera is a remarkable woman and a highly skilled dominatrix who takes her role very seriously. I was taken aback by how kind and considerate she was throughout our time together, and she knows just how to bring out the best in a newcomer. She demonstrated from the outset that she has a deep understanding of the true needs and desires of those who come to her, and I very much hope to return to be guided by her expertise as I explore this side of myself.