Further Down the Rabbit Hole

A Ritual in Kink!

Queen of Wolves is interested in exploring aspects of BDSM within the context of pagan/heathen beliefs, i also follow this belief system. W/we had talked a lot about using established Rituals within the Wicca and Heathen traditions. For this session Lady Wolf chose the ‘Ordeal of Pain’ for this pagan ritual was also to be part of my training towards one day being admitted to the Wolf Pack, if i am deemed worthy.

Carefully applied pain in a ritual context aims to bring the submissive into an altered state and thus bring them closer to Spirit. Intense psychological drama creates an emotional Ordeal for both. They travel to the dark places in themselves and come out safely having learned useful things in the process. Raven Kaldera, “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM.

Lady Wolf ordered me to kneel before Her and kiss the Wolf ring adorning Her finger. i bowed my head as She helped me to relax guiding my attention inwards urging me to let go of everything and to centre my focus. She cleansed both U/us and the dungeon space with burning sage ushered around with a crow’s wing. The altar was set, candles lit and ritual music played.

Already emotionally charged my Wolf Queen instructed me to disrobe, be quiet and get into position. The ceremonial cleansing combined with Her firm commands filled me with a confidant willingness to obey and ready myself for the pain She was about to inflict. The Ordeal sets out the manner in which caning and whipping is carried out to take both Dominant and submissive on a journey. This is given impetus by the Top/subspace well known within BDSM circles but then to transcend that space and connect with other forces. Yes, it may sound bizarre but there is powerful psychology, emotions and sensations at play here.

Lady Wolf told me to prepare myself because it was going to hurt right from the start – no warm up. Everything was still, i composed myself in order to concentrate on processing the pain and channeling my energy back to Her as well as using it to try to enter the altered state we both sought. There came three hard cane strokes, followed by seven more, then another twenty-one. i cried out, gripped the bench, breathed deeply and concentrated on processing the intense pain. She circled me and whispered in my ear; “Clear your mind and let go”, “Connect with the universe and give Me your energy,” She ran her fingers over my body in a reassuring and caring way before returning to deliver more, increasingly hard strokes.

Lady Wolf is an expert with canes, whips and floggers (plus lots of other implements and devices!) Reaching for the one meter long senior dragon She continued the caning eventually pushing me into a pool of ecstatic release. i didn’t know where i was but became dimly aware that i was being pushed further still by a fierce whipping. This continued until blood and tears flowed, and this is what W/we wanted. i was in an unknown place being purged of something even though i wasn’t sure exactly what. The Ordeal continued until i was completely broken, the pain dissolved within me, there were feelings of flying, giant waterfalls and i was peaceful.

She knew exactly when to stop The Ordeal because Queen of Wolves reads me like no other ever has. The Ordeal might sound scary but it was amazing! Lady Wolf had taken me on that journey and from deep inside me came out all this shit. Under Her instruction i struggled to the floor, kissed her feet then she held me closely while i sobbed out my remaining tears. She had inflicted so much pain but ensured i was cared for and was okay physically and emotionally.

This is the archetypal Journey To The Underworld, and the Dominant has to be the one who gets the submissive in and out, and the stand-in for the implacable Death Gods who inhabit that dark place. To do so the Dominant has to be perceptive, good at reading people, good at creating an intensely moving ritual structure, and utterly ruthless. We have to channel the Underworld forces through ourselves….it is our sacred task as priestesses of the Underworld to take them all the way in, and get them back out alive and better than they were. Raven Kaldera, “Dark Moon Rising: Pagan BDSM”

i believe W/we will take things further still and continue to explore these sacred acts. i have never been particularly submissive but the trust and respect i have for Lady Wolf is becoming very special indeed. As She says, “Welcome to my lair! Give yourself to me totally, utterly, completely”. This i willingly do my Wolf Queen.