John Doe

I wake up early the morning of my first-ever BDSM session. There is, of course, absolutely zero chance of me getting back to sleep because of the enjoyable, yet slightly uncomfortable mix of excitement and nervousness.

At noon on the dot I ring the bell beside a frankly somewhat scary big door with many locks on it. An appropriate door for a dungeon, I guess. Mistress welcomes me kindly and briefly shows me around the dungeon. While she is very relaxed and understanding, seeing some of the equipment adorning the dungeon is not helping my nerves. At the same time, it is intensely exciting though.

After the introduction, I am collared and three soft-spoken words turn half of my anxiety into joy. “On your knees”. This is right, I feel good here. Besides Mistress herself, my first acquaintance is with the spanking bench, and a variety of Mistress’ tools. Nothing too scary to start with, to be sure.

The stingy impacts are interspersed with gentle touches, often accompanied by a comforting voice. That voice is fantastic. They are reassuring and stimulating at the same time. Above all they make me feel owned, like a plaything or a pet. And don’t I just love that. The next stop is electric.

While having my hands cuffed to the ceiling does numb my hands a bit, I think I enjoyed those less Medieval torture devices at least twice as much as I had expected! Being blindfolded from this point on only adds to the excitement, because of the thrill of anticipation. What’s next? How will it feel? Probably painful, but in a good way. The blindfold does have the monstrous disadvantage of not being able to enjoy the sight of Mistress any more.

Though I suppose a novice sub shouldn’t have the privilege of feasting his eyes for a whole session. The pulsating electrodes produce a strangely enjoyable vibrating sensation in my thighs, while on my cock the feeling is more like pinching.

The final act of our session concerns an absolutely wonderful tease. Honestly, even a novice can tell that she’s seriously good at this. The build-up is impeccable. She started lightly teasing my nipples when I was still cuffed to the ceiling. She continuous teasing them from time to time in between tying me tightly to a chair, before finally clamping them once the rope runs out. Meanwhile the electrodes are still pulsing away, of course. Fiddling the knobs on the electrodes and toying with my clamped nipples, all deftly executed by those soft warm hands that seem to know just where to be at each moment.

After the session Mistress asks me whether I have any regrets, but I can’t think of a single one. A little while later, after I’ve been buzzing through the city, I realise that there is something I regret; not visiting Mistress Aleera sooner.