lupin – Good puppy

“Huntress’s eyes glint in the twilight, A delighted twinkle measuring the substance of her entertainment.”

Her graceful fingers deftly knot the ropes of my physical restraint,

The submission of my mind inevitable in her hypnotic embrace.

Drip… drip… drip… fiery tears painting virgin skin crimson and ebony,

Tender fingertips gently stroking, offering a comforting caress,

The sting soothed under a divine breath.

Waxen armour delicately picked away,

Servile posture adjusted…

And the chastising tongues rained down,

Each lick a lightning strike reverberating through the sanctum,

Every stroke a triumphant celebration,

Rhythmic pulses ripping across nerve endings,

Waves of ecstasy tingling across flesh afire.

As the Huntress finally takes her prey, riding the beast, thrusting and base,

The tendrils of primal control weave and wrap around the branches of my spirit,

The supreme Lupine Queen whispering against my quivering cheek,

Good puppy…