The Rules


You would think it common sense but I shall lay out the law in this respect…

  1. Be on Time!
    you must be punctual in replies to My messages, and with paying deposits! I cannot emphasise this enough, My diary changes hourly and to keep everything fair it is a first come first serve basis. So be prepared to be swift. Also be on time for sessions and filming, not early, not late… you will not be seen at all if you are anything other than on time, with no refunds
  2. Be respectful of My time!
    Please keep it brief but informative. A short background is great but I do not need to read about what your dogs, sisters cat ate this morning.
  3. Be clean and tidy at all times!
    I really try hard to look My best and keep Myself as clean as possible. So why shouldn’t you extend that same courtesy? Strap-on play you MUST have had an enema and you MUST have done it properly. Failure to have completed this task will result in you being kicked out without refund. If you are unsure I have guides to help you. NO EXCUSES!
  4. Respect My limits!
    I am passionate about BDSM and I undertake the activities I enjoy and my limits are there for a reason.
  5. Don’t be a Dictator!
    Give me a list of your activities you enjoy, don’t try to control our time together minute by minute… This will limit my creativity and I just will not enjoy it. Magic things will not happen.
  6. Do not take the Piss!
    Please remember this is my job as well as my passion, my bills do not get paid with free stinky socks givaways or going overtime, it is not fair on everyone else or Me as I take my time prepairing and arranging My schedule. Not to mention I hire My venue at a cost.
  7. Confirmation is Mandatory!
    Confirmation texts are mandatory before 9am on the day of your booking so that I know that you are coming. Failure to do so will result in your booking being given to someone else regardless of your payment. To reshedule you must let me know no less than 48hrs prior and a new deposit of 50% of the tribute will be required for admin fees.
  8. Respect!
    Once you are in My company you leave all your ego at the door! you come to Me for leadership, respect that dynamic or be kicked out with no refunds. your choice.
    No excuses, no arguments. SafeWords are mandatory if you want Me to engage in any playtime with you.