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With a racing heart I watched Her assess Her new playground.
Her fluid hips swaying as she languidly and gracefully took ownership of Her lair.
The twinkle in Her ice blue eyes augured a mood of particular sadistic intent, making my heart beat all the harder.

And so it began…
There was no indecision,
No mistaking Her desire,
No doubt that She was treading a path that I had not yet trod with Her before.
The degradation intense,
The blissful torture nerve ragingly harsh,
And gazing upon the most beautiful face of my tormentor as she pillaged my body was second to no other earthly pleasure.

Uncontrollablly shaking, my ravaged body screamed out in ecstasy as wave after wave of carnal splendour flooded my veins, setting my flesh alight…
And the rules changed…

‘Touch yourself… perform for me My puppy’

And so the vile wraiths of my insecurities erupted,
Dragged into the light,
Forced out of my stifling sanctuary to face the writhing daemons that haunt my heart.
Challenging my mind,
Fighting my body,

Eager to not displease my Pack Leader.

Driven to my knees,
The raging of my mind soothed by Her lyrical voice,
Calmed by Her strong words.
The scent of Her lingering in my senses,
How joyous was it to be allowed to be so close,
To touch,
To smell,
To rest my cheek upon Her beautiful thigh.
i pushed with all my might like a manic train driver stoking fires, steaming through the night…
But failed.
And as the wheels slowed and the burning fires cooled,
Her tender finger tips stroked my sweating brow,
The shame of failure darkened my eyes.
Vows to try harder muttered under an exhausted breath.

As I walked away,
i was suddenly overcome by a deep sense of sadness, of incompleteness…
A cool breeze gently brushed my burning cheeks, the night air crisp in the mouth as I tried to draw a breath into my tight chest.
The deep desire to stay was strong as my skin tingled,
The cotton of my shirt rubbed against my stinging nipples,
The snug material of my boxers cradled aching testicles,
A hot ache twisting up my loins.
The anguish of an unfinished epic,
Tormented my mind and frustrated my flesh.
Every sensation exaggerated,
Overwhelming each burning nerve.
The hours passed,
There was no relief.
The tortured days passed,
And at the word of my Alpha,
my body erupted in magnificent fury…
But still a profound emptiness shadowed my possessed mind.