One fine Sunday

Thank You very much indeed for such a fantastic first session on Sunday morning. From the moment i set foot in Your premises, i felt completely safe and fell under Your spell and was ready to submit to Your sadistic desires.

Having sent You some of my interests and limits You instilled a huge amount of trust by going over this prior to commencing our session.

Your allowing me time to freshen in the bathroom just heightened my excitement of the impending time we were about to explore and extend my boundaries in Your excellent hands. On returning to the room, You had remembered my preference for background music which immediately set me on the road to submit to You. Being tied to the bed with my arms above my head, and wrists tied tightly, followed by the spreader bar being put to secure my ankles and keep my legs apart for You, only helped me fall deeper into a place of total submission and a desire to take all the pain You wanted me to experience.

Your careful and hygienic piercing with needles followed and sent me deep into subspace where i wished it didn’t stop, You are truly an expert in this field and as i would soon find out, many more besides. The use of the Sounding rods was enhanced by the electrics which truly sent my head to new depths of submission, to be penetrated by Your hands in this way was just unbelievably surreal. What followed when i was to feel the sting of Your whip bought me back to a place where i know i belong, as Your canvas to be whipped and marked for Your pleasure. To then be pegged so expertly has to be as good as it gets, once i realised that You had total control and i had none and only then did i truly start to experience something amazing not just one, but multiple ‘Ass-gasm’s’ (i think that’s the name we settled on)!

It took me an age to come down and the bruising from the needles reminds me of Your ability to deliver pain in all the right places and i am equally proud of the marks which were left by Your whip. i cannot wait to repeat and explore much further your repertoire of skills and am sorry that i could not fit into Your electric chastity device! Thank You Mistress Aleera for The, most wonderful introduction and i hope that You will allow me the honour of being able to session with You again.

Your Humbled and very fortunate submissive