peter testimonial

“Thank you so much! You let me be your Christmas present!”

“We’d talked about a session. You told me to bring black pallet film and red gaffer tape. Easy, £10 on Amazon for both.”

And when you led me in to your dungeon, you told me to strip and kneel down. I heard you organising your things, but I couldn’t see with my forehead on the floor. Then you told me to stand up, hands at my sides, and you wrapped me in film. It’s a lovely enveloping feeling, rather like everything is with you. The red tape contrasted nicely and was much more restrictive as you pinned my hands and elbows to my side. Suddenly there was an edge to what you were doing.

Next, you carefully folded a length of film, making it four folds thick. I realised this was a blindfold when you raised it to my face. More red tape, and I was cut off from everything except you. You told me I looked like a gift, wrapped and ribboned.

The film took some of the sting out of the whip, but your intentions were clear. I could do nothing except stand still while you whipped me – I’d have fallen over if I’d moved. I felt totally yours.

Then I felt your hands near my nipples and, looking down below the blindfold, I could just see as you started to cut holes in the film. Soon, clamps hung from my nipples, little bells at the end which rang if I moved. These were quite gentle, more for looks than physical effect, but the ones you used next were very different. Thin metal rods which you could loosen or tighten as you wanted, and I watched as you made them tighter and tighter. The sensation was bitter/sweet, watching your fingers was lovely but the pain and loss of control was harder to bear.

I was totally yours, an utter slave. I had no say in what you were doing, no say in what happened. It was a beautiful, floaty feeling. Why did it have to end?

And afterwards, when you released me and let me down, I knew I’d been your Christmas present. That will live on forever…….”