Protocol and Respect

For those who have never met or had a session with Queen of Wolves it is important to understand how we should conduct ourselves when in Her presence or when communicating in writing or speech. Additionally, those of us who have already enjoyed time with Her should remember that such conduct must continue to be observed unless Lady Wolf indicates otherwise.

Two definitions help when considering the nature of this relationship.

Protocol: the formal system of rules for correct behavior.
Respect: the polite attitude shown toward someone that you consider important.

Whether a client or not, the polite form of address must be used, ‘Mistress’ or ‘Lady Wolf’. This applies especially if you see Her in a club or other public venue (bdsm orientated or otherwise) and also in any communications you make.

The best way to understand these and other principles of protocol is to read the website ‘cover to cover’. By so doing you demonstrate, in Her eyes, that you are a serious follower rather than a time-waster.

If you wish to enquire about a possible session then write a succinct email giving details of your interests, limits and boundaries and why you are interested in seeing Lady Wolf specifically. I can assure you that for every ten communications received, nine go straight into the bin because the applicant has failed to understand what is required of them. Worse still, some feel they have the right to be offered a session just because they are paying. No! Lady Wolf wants only those who demonstrate respect from the beginning.

So if you are granted a session make sure you follow the rules regarding the tribute. Deposit and balance must be paid as stated. Look forward to your time, be punctual and clean and note well the requirements if strapon play is planned.

It doesn’t matter how you self-identify; submissive, masochist, kinkster, fetishist, etc. the protocol is the same. The Do’s and Don’ts should be obvious, but be sure you are familiar with them. They are laid out clearly on the website. Of course, you already know this because you’ve read the website, right?

Remember, She is in charge of the dungeon space and managing the session but you will have opportunity to chat before play gets underway. I have no doubt you will enjoy your time with Lady Wolf and if you prove yourself worthy you will come to understand more about Her and The Pack. Earning Her trust does not happen quickly. If you really aspire to be a Pack member, and you should, then you will need to arrange sessions regularly and demonstrate your loyalty, honestly and strength at all times.

If granted membership of The Pack, there may be occasions when protocol is somewhat relaxed, however, this must never be taken for granted. Personally, I reaffirm my loyalty periodically by requesting a session whereby I can demonstrate my servitude. This means accepting whatever test or ordeal Lady Wolf deems appropriate. Enduring such tests show Her that I know my place but I also take it as an opportunity to grow as a person in mind and body.

Sessions should be fun as well. As long as protocol and respect are observed everyone is going to have a good time.

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