Puppy taken to one of Ms Aleera’s exclusive parties.

One of the first things you learn as a submissive to Mistress Aleera, Queen of Wolves is that she will continually wish to develop and train you as one of her “puppies”. But you have to show your willingness to be led and learn from this beautiful lady who has such great experience and expertise. The BDSM journey she will take you on will certainly challenge you and take you to your very limits, and even at times a little beyond them! However giving yourself totally to her, trusting, her relinquishing all your power and control, and learning to take the pain, bondage and humiliation she inflicts will address those deepest BDSM yearnings.

You will go from your session with her feeling elated, filled with devotion to her and with those deep needs which you perhaps barely understand yourself, profoundly and gloriously satisfied!

When Aleera asked me if I would be interested in coming to one of her exclusive parties as part of my journey I was thrilled  but naturally nervous at first, but when she looked at me with those irresistible blue eyes  and smiled, I knew I had to say yes. She explained what would happen.  Puppies would accompany her to the venue and when summoned present themselves naked and collared in front of her. We were to be aware what a great privilege it was to represent her and so at all times she expected us to show the highest standards of respect and submissiveness. Evidence of the way she had trained us and her high standards.

I arrived outside the dungeon with butterflies in my stomach and waited patiently for the text. “Pling.” it arrived!“ Come down now”  I made my way in….. Gosh! Aleera looked so drop dead gorgeous in a leather corset that I tripped on the stairs. She frowned and pointed to a shelf, I stripped, my lead was fetched I was collared and taken on all fours on a walk around the dungeon as a charming group of her friends viewed me with interest from their white leather chairs in the bar area “This is one of my puppies” said Mistress Aleera in that soft authoritative voice that I have learned to love so much.

One lady patted my head saying “good puppy.” Aleera then gave her my leash and invited her to walk me round. It was strangely thrilling to be no longer myself but merely Mistress Aleera’s puppy owned and controlled completely by her and looked on as such by her friends. Objectified I was told where to sit on the floor, when I could speak, and when I was to fetch drinks. I felt much more so than ever before the delicious sense of being owned by Aleera,- her property-her pet…. Oooh I liked that so so very much!! My identity completely taken away and replaced by being simply “her puppy”and treated and known as such. Objectified.

Her friends where into Bdsm so there was never any embarrassment and they could not have been more understanding.

“Now Puppy on your spanking bench,”Aleera’s tone was sharper as she pointed to the leather cuffs on its side. When some of her friends had strapped me in securely Aleera informed the group she would now demonstrate to an aspiring dom and other kinksters some basic skills. My heart beat faster…. I must not let Mistress down I thought. A young woman assisted Aleera warm me up with a leather flogger. Then Aleera opened her case so I could what she had brought. I recognised her long bamboo cane, the dragon cane with its sharp dragon tongue end  and those bull whips. “Recognise these?” whispered Aleera close to my ear. “Be Brave pup” and then the sweetest of all smiles.

The pain was, as always, skilfully inflicted. Varied strokes Soft at first quick… then slow.. then hard… then a pause… then very hard causing me to squirm and cry out. Aleera has a very high level of expertise and has an uncanny instinct of being able to assess exactly what a sub can take and what is safe. As she moved around her aroused pup with the grace of an exotic ballet dancer I gasped in wonder upon the gorgeous slim perfect figure before me and began to enter “sub space.”

Aleera then decided she would use me to initiate a young lady in proper basic gentle caning technique under her expert supervision. A nice interlude before those awesome bull whips!

I shuddered as I saw her unfurl the black leather whip and heard its loud crack. A ripple of anticipation went through the gathering as I began breathing heavily. Then I saw in the mirror the end of her whip cracking as it made contact with my rear and winced as it stung. It was as if a raw flame was playing upon my naked exposed bottom. I screamed in joy and pain. To those who understand these things… it is agony yet ecstasy ….a potent cocktail of pure passion love and pain. But I wouldn’t have been able to feel this unless I had developed a very strong devotion to Aleera in her sessions as my mistress and Queen. The “chemistry” was fantastic that evening. Moreover Aleera understands it very well and knows just how to create it and develop it in her puppies. She delights in being able to transport her pups into such pleasurable places.

In time my limits were reached and was pleased my boundaries had been extended just a little. Exhausted and happy I was released from the bench and encouraged by her friends who told me I had done well and what a sweet puppy I was! What mattered most of all was a pat on the head from Mistress herself with the words “Good Boy” I felt like a million dollars!

Mistress Aleera then wanted to use me to illustrate her shibari skills. I was tied and remained in a cage.

Aleera kept on checking to make sure I was ok. and after a short time brought me  into the bar area.I was pleased to be able to join her friends for a drink and allowed, but only when Aleera permitted it!to join in the conversation about BDSM issues. It was a great way to bring a wonderful evening to a close.

I don’t know what Mistress Aleera has in store for me next but I have complete confidence that it will be just right for me at the stage I am at and also very exciting.

But what a party! It exceeded all my expectations. BDSM at it best with one of the top dominatrix in London ALEERA QUEEN OF WOLVES.

I am pleased to write this testimonial of a fabulous evening but want to say, in conclusion, that I continually regard it as a tremendous privilege to serve and learn from the awesome Ms Aleera who is now an important part of my life.