Tattooed Mistress

‘I had a really wonderful time with Mistress Aleera yesterday. I hadn’t ever been to a professional Mistress before, so was a bit nervous beforehand, and didn’t really know whether I would like it. I had played a bit with ex-girlfriends, but that was it. I suppose I was hoping to find a professional who was both really beautiful and alternative looking (tattoos etc.) before delving deeper. So I was really grateful to find Mistress Aleera, who is both.

The session started with a short chat to discuss what I wanted, boundaries etc. She was always very safety conscious which I really appreciated, and this quickly dispelled the nerves. It was clear she knew what she was doing, and I didn’t need to worry about anything. Since I’m inexperienced I didn’t know the correct words etc., but thankfully she was very forgiving of this.

My main interest this time was trying corporal punishment, and Mistress used a range of implements with an associated variety of sensations. I really enjoyed this, and it made it even better that Mistress also enjoyed it. I particularly liked the one with the dragon tail. This was interspersed with some lighter activities like tie and tease, and also some bondage/nipple torture. The session was rounded off with a caning, which was really painful and really enjoyable. It was a wonderful first session, and I still feel great the day after. I’m looking forward to booking another session in the future!’