The Wolf Pack Ritual

Not just a House of Wolves

Aleera, Queen Of Wolves, caught my attention some time ago. I was drawn not only to the idea of the Wolf Pack under Her command but also to our common interest of exploring BDSM within the pagan world. I wrote a polite request to meet Her and was thrilled to receive an invitation. On the day I was nervous, Lady Wolf has a reputation for hard, limit-pushing play and I knew my masochism was going to be tested at new, perhaps spiritual levels. Yet, when the dungeon door opened this beautiful woman gave me a warm welcome and some relaxation time to steady my resolve. Lady Wolf is a true professional and we clarified all limits, expectations and safety matters. I felt secure and confident.

My heart started beating faster as my Wolf Queen positioned the spanking bench. A candle was lit, the lights were dimmed and suitably ritualistic music was played; for that is what we wanted this session to be – a ritual. Told to strip then gagged and blind-folded I was put into position and restrained; my first ordeal was to be a caning. I felt and heard the first stroke land across my ass, hard and hot, I breathed deeply. The next came, harder, accurate and painful. Lady Wolf knows how to pace a caning by reading Her submissive’s bodily signals. The strokes landed incessantly, the pain cleared my mind of everything else and eventually I started to float far away. All I remember was hearing the sound of Her cane as it repeatedly struck followed by the crack of Her whips across my ass and legs leaving me ablaze with pain as they licked fire on my skin. I went beyond subspace to I don’t know where, but it was blissful.

It took a long time to come down from this experience and I vaguely remember kissing Her feet and seeing the pleasure I had brought my Queen by taking everything she had wanted to inflict on me.

If possible, I encourage people to request a session of two or more hours because then the full extent of your and Her needs can be enjoyed in a relaxed and unhurried fashion. We had a short break for a drink and chat. Lady Wolf told me to get onto the sling, She spread my legs, tied my feet and entered me with one of her strapon dildos. I love the joy on Her face as She has her way with her pup. I felt honoured to be taken so thoroughly and pleasurably by my Queen who gave me twenty or more amazing prostate orgasms (if you don’t know what they are, I’m sure Lady Wolf will educate you).

By the end of our session I was alive with all sorts of sensations, feeling relaxed and happy but also spiritually awoken. I have never felt as connected with a Dominatrix as I do with Lady Wolf. My next visit is less than two weeks away.