Tied and Denied

“Having been punished by Mistress Aleera at the Facility, I wanted to try a one-to-one session with her. Arranging it was straightforward and her dungeon was easy to find, not far from the Tube.

When I arrived, Mistress made me feel welcome and relaxed. Although her dungeon is quite an intimidating place, I felt safe throughout the session and I knew that if I didn’t like something, I could ask for it to be stopped.

Mistress Aleera is stunningly beautiful and it is a delight to spend some time as her slave. After I had undressed, I was strapped to a whipping bench in front of a mirror and Mistress began by spanking me, gradually building up the intensity of the blows. She then moved on to two different floggers and a crop, each new implement being a little more intense that the last. I thought that I had reached my limit with the crop but wanted to please Mistress by taking a little more and she obliged with a number of blows with a cane. Although each blow hurt, it was somehow exhilarating as I felt I was pleasing Mistress by taking the pain.

Once the blows had subsided, I was released from the whipping bench and blindfolded. I was then maneuvered to sit on a strange chair, to which Mistress then tied me using a series of intricate ropes. I was bound with my hands behind me and my legs and chest secured to the chair. A thin rope was then tied around my cock and balls. Thereafter I was subjected to a lengthy period of tie and tease with Mistress alternating between nipple play (one moment sensual, the next painful) and cock and ball torture using a vibrating wand. Time and again I felt I was about to orgasm but Mistress then drew me away from the edge. Nipple clamps were attached and at times I felt utterly owned; I would have done anything to please Mistress. By the time I was released (without being allowed to orgasm), I was completely spent and Mistress sent me back into the real world when all I really wanted to do was to locked away by her for eternity.”