trevi puppy testimonial

Mistress Aleera Dominaitrix of enchanting beauty and feminine power

It has been a week now since I had the courage to book my audience with Mistress Aleera. I write here to tell you all what a truely wonderful experience it was.

I sent a request email to Mistress and she told me to give an indication of my interests and a bit of background, which I did. I was thrilled to receive a reply of acceptance and a date about a week away was booked. Mistress Aleera is in great demand and her following is growing fast! Not surprising…

During the week I began to think how it was going to be. It was a mixture of great excitement tinged with a little fear. I was quite a newbie and didn’t what to get it wrong. The night before my session I did not sleep too well and was pleased when it was time to get the train that would finally take me to her. As my nerves took hold I received a text from Mistress.” Was I still coming to session, how was I etc?” She was so very sensitive to my position, put me at ease and asked me to trust her. “It would be ok.” “We could take things at my pace, relax.” She didn’t want to scare her puppies but help them on their journey in BDSM. This was just what I needed to hear and I felt much more confident.

I found the premisis and rang the bell. There was Mistress Aleera waiting for me. She was kind and welcoming, but I could sense her assessing me and listening carefully to whatever I said with a special intense feminine intuition. I handed her some typed notes on myself and my interests.We chatted nicely. Then I was told to prepare myself, strip, fold my clothes neatly, (Mistress does not tolerate sloppines or untidiness) and when ready enter into her inner lair and kneel for her to appear.

Naked and vulnerable I entered her lair and knelt down where she had told me. Her lair was immaculate with soft lighting and sophisticated decor thar she has created herself. She clearly has the talent to be an interior designer. On one wall her whips, canes collars and gags were hung ready for use.

On the executive wood block floor next to a deep rug was a low soft black couch. I realised that this was where kneeling slaves bent baring their backs and bottoms for punishment. My body quivered as I anticipted her entry.

Mistress Aleera then made her entrance. She exuded feminine power and dominance but was so ravishing beautiful. I could hardly believe it! So much better than the photos on her site might lead you to expect (sometimes they have used full flash which tends to flatten and blanch.
Her complexion is as exquisite porcelain, her pale blue eyes are utterly captivating, her coiffured hair rich dark to blond highlights and she possesses a slim shapely figure to die for. No wonder my whole body shook gently!

“Come here” she said… “leash” This was the first slave position I was to learn. I knelt close and upright and felt her place the leather leash around my kneck. A dream had come true- I was being collared. There was a terrific outflow of masculine power and I was becoming her slave and puppy. Her femininity flooded into the depths of my soul. I knew from that moment on she owned and controlled me. Captured by her mystic power all I wanted to do was serve obey and worship her.

The training proceeded I worked hard following on the leash and kissing and massaging her toes and feet with my tongue. She has the most delightful size5 feet and Oh those lovely toes! I had to remove her shoes but sadly did not put them tidily enough to the side. “Leash” she said gently with extraordinary authority pointing and leading me to the low soft black couch. I bent over prostrating myself as she directed. “You could have done better.” I was to feel her crop sting 8 times as I counted each stroke. Delicious. She always made sure I was within my limits and the punishment concluded. I felt sorrow at my failure and would try better to please her.

Then followed more slave training so I understood her commands and what positions she wanted me to adopt when she gave a command, then futher footworship.

In order to be one of her wolf puppies, which I wanted more than anything in the world, you go through an initiation.
How thrilled was I to learn that i was judged to be ready to attempt this milestone I knelt before her and placed my lips on her Queen Wolf ring. Another electric moment! as I felt the core of her feminine dominance pass into my heart marking with the wolf symbol and the hieroglyphics of a small calf tattoo binding me to her.

I was now to endure a number of strokes of the dragon cane as a sign that I was worthy to be part of her pack. Back I went to the low couch. My body sunk into its softness. I relaxed but offered my body to her with complete abandon. She prepared my ass with the skill you would expect using various floggers.

Then the dragon… I counted the strokes 1,2.3.4. 5. waves of ecstatic sweet pain flowed over me, each stroke gained slighly in intensity (great skill was evident here) and i seemed to float into a dreamy place, hardly hearing her checking to make sure I was all right (The sign of a knowledgeable, sensible and caring dominaitrix) as I said 8 it felt suddenly more painful and I told her. “Fine,” she said, “you have done very well indeed, my puppy.” Two lighter stokes followed. I was told I could now consider myself as a puppy in her wolf pack. She was pleased with my perfomance and service. I almost wanted to burst into tears! Greedy puppy that I can be I asked for a little more punishment. I feel so ashamed at that looking back but how wise and sensible she was to refuse. “You have a heavily bruised bottom and will need to take care of it tomorrow. (There was bruising and I said clearly before that i wanted it. The strokes were extremely accurate and placed with consummate artistry)” I thanked her and kissed her ring and while i knelt before she put her head closer to mine and gazed into my soul with those incomparable pale blue eyes. An unforgettable moment when something very deep inside me happened.

The session concluded, she politely showed me to the door. I went out into the real world again.
I went and had a coffee feeling on cloud nine. I had, and have found the mistress of my dreams and I want to learn from her and travel with her guidance. For me to serve, to adore and to worship has a whole new meaning.

Enchanting, beautiful, exquisite mystical feminine totally professional dominant, MISTRESS ALEERA I thank you. I am here to serve you always, trevi pup

Guys book your session with her and discover a rare treasure indeed. SHE IS FAB and will blow your mind. (this is an honest testimony I have no other connection with her other than as a new client)