Two Years as Aleera’s Puppy

My Journey with Mistress Aleera the Wolf Queen

It must be almost two years since I, as a nervous newbie plucked up the courage to make an appointment to have a session with Mistress Aleera. I arrived at her lair and was immediately captivated by the gorgeous slim young lady who opened the door. As her beautiful blue eyes assessed me clinically and coolly she seemed to be able to see into the very depths of my soul. Her voice was soft and exquisite but had a feminine authority that left me in no doubt she was completely in charge!

After following her instructions to strip I knelt naked before her to receive my collar and leash from her elegant hands. At that moment all power was taken from me and I was under her spell. I knew I had to devote all my energies to listening to her instructions and doing exactly what she told me. I discovered how much I loved to be at her feet and even in these early days knew it was where I belonged… but how wonderful it felt! As my excitement increased I experienced for the first time the sweet sting of her cane firmly applied that I struggled to take. I could almost taste the chemicals coursing through my body that was making my caning so thrilling!

As time as gone by I have visited my Queen Aleera for sessions and have attended parties where she has been present. They are such fun!I am now also a proud member of her pack. Mistress Aleera will speak affectionally to her “pups”, as she calls them, about BDSM being a journey and a developing relationship between a sub and a dom. She takes her role as a highly skilled dominaitrix very seriously. Because she has a deep understanding of the needs and desires of those who session with her she is able to guide them and suggest things, appropriately. I have found this to be absolutely the case. She has put me in my place quite rightly!when I have got things wrong and perhaps got too long winded or emotional? but has also helped me extend my pain boundaries and develop a better understanding of BDSM. I learn to serve and to respect her in the way she desires more and more as time goes on. She is currently training me to take her whip which I enjoy greatly because I feel it demonstrates my devotion and service to her.

In those early days I remember Mistress Aleera telling me that the collar placed around my neck was a sign of her ownership. The desire to be her sub, slave,“puppy” is truly very deep, but the Wolf Queen Aleera in leading me in this role has enabled me to experience at first hand the beautiful powerful chemistry of BDSM, and the special relationship unlike any other, which develops between a dominatrix and her submissive.

It has been life changing experience…

I count myself as very fortunate to have the honour of serving and being led by the wonderful Mistress Aleera.